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Websites have changed drastically over the last decade or so. When I started Mrs Smith, WordPress was talked about but HTML was the preferred method of construction. Fast forward 7 or so years and WordPress has become the go-to solution for all things websites. There is little that WordPress can’t do. I love that I can offer my clients a logo and brand as well as the visual language that goes with it but to top it all off, the brands online presence can be designed and created with the same strategic input and relevance to ensure that every brand touchpoint works together seamlessly. I really enjoy creating WordPress websites, I love the method of construction, formulating the information and structuring it into a design that is logical, relevant and pleasing to the eye.

WordPress websites by Mrs Smith


These are the websites that I have created for my clients. Some are very simple and contain only a few pages; some are more intense with multiple pages and functionality. Click on the image to view the website. (Please note, it will open in a new window)

RWW Engineering
Society Eatery & Craft Bar
Yellow Card
Real Food. Real Nutrition.
The Roof Venue
Concept Fitness
Robertsons Reports
MDQ Associates
BSA Holdings
Art of Beauty
Shiloh Church
Bem Bom