Who is Mrs Smith?
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I am a little designer with big ideas. I don’t work, I design and have the best job in the world. I love creating, formulating, organising and thinking. When put together, these things make for days filled with adventure, creativity and a whole lot of fun.

Lauren Heather Smith / C: 083 442 8561
E: lauren@mrssmith.co.za / PO Box 458 Ruimsig 1732


Lauren Smith Graphic Design cc trading as Mrs Smith is an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) and is therefore recognised as a Level Four B-BBEE Contributor with a procurement recognition level of 100% towards a client’s B-BBEE scorecard.

Mrs Smith is me, Lauren Heather Smith, a freelance graphic designer living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to do what I love every day. I don’t work, I design. I am passionate about creating and enhancing brands and welcome every challenge and opportunity to explore and develop my God-given talents. My experience has taught me to never limit myself by what I think I can do. I enjoy being able to solve problems and to use my creativity in new ways. I am able to assist you with everything from a simple logo to full brand development and roll-out, brochure, pamphlet and annual report design as well as various print and web design applications. If there is something in particular you would like, please feel free to call me and let’s discuss how we can work together.


I have been involved in the graphic design and branding industry for over a decade and began my career at Brown KSDP (Formerly Enterprise IG, currently The Brand Union) as an intern and junior designer after completing my three-year Diploma course in Graphic Design. I worked with amazing creative directors and designers who offered invaluable advice and mentorship that encouraged my development as a designer. In 2004 I began my journey at HKLM – a strategic brand and communication design consultancy – eventually taking on the role as Creative Director of HKLM Exchange in 2008. My responsibilities included the design and development of stakeholder and investor relations communications and annual reports for blue-chip clients. It was at HKLM Exchange that I discovered new applications and avenues for my creative abilities. In 2009 I became part of the Studio 5 team and in my almost two years there, I grew both as a designer and as a person. Every step in my career has been an adventure and an opportunity to grow and challenge myself and my thinking.


In 2011 I decided to freelance and open my own design studio, and Mrs Smith was born. Mrs Smith is a boutique strategic design and brand consultancy that is focused and intent on delivering world-class, award-winning and strategically relevant design. Mrs Smith offers more than a decade of leading design agency experience coupled with a passion for branding and design for any size company, large or small. My experience and expertise encompass a wide range of branding and graphic design disciplines but most importantly a commitment to good design.

Awards and accolades


Being able to do what I love everyday is truly a reward in itself. So it is humbling when I get recognition for my work, whether it is being mentioned or published in Logolounge or winning an international award as prestigious as a Graphis.


1 logo selected for inclusion in Logolounge 11

“Congratulations Lauren! Your work has been selected for LogoLounge Book 11! Your work was chosen from among nearly 40,000 logos that were reviewed by our international judging panel who are some of the best of the best in the design community. These include Gaby Brink, Marina Willer, Caleb Everitt, Ryan Rhodes, Jen Hood, Jeroen Van Eerden, Jay Fletcher, George Bokhua, and Sagi Haviv. Congratulations on having your work selected for LogoLounge Book 11! Your hard work and talent will help make this year’s book the best one yet.” The LogoLounge Team


5 logos selected for inclusion in Logolounge 10

“Congratulations Lauren! Your work has been chosen for LogoLounge Book 10! The judging for LogoLounge Book 10 is now complete. Your work was picked from among the 40,000 logos reviewed by our international judging panel of design superstars, including Andreas Karl, Aaron Draplin, Von Glitschka, Alex Tass, Chad Michael, Yo Santosa, Emily Oberman, Su Mathews Hale, Felix Sockwell and Alex Trochut.” The LogoLounge Team


‘Success Inspiration’ logo selected for inclusion in the Logolounge Trends Report 2015

“This report is intended to bring awareness to what is happening in the identity design field. Featured in Concentrak – Bands of lines, often in a loop formation, twist in space to create a rhythmic story to best represent the client. There is elegance to these solutions that seems to flow effortlessly and typically reconnect back to their origin, although not imperative.” Bill Gardner, LogoLounge Founder


‘I love good design’ logo featured on Branding Served July 2014

“Congratulations Lauren, You’ve been featured on Branding Served. Our curatorial team features a small number of projects to appear on the front of our gallery each day. We only pick the best work that effectively promotes the Branding Served community.” The Branding Served Curatorial Team


‘Wannenburg & Associates’ logo selected for Logolounge8

“Congratulations on having your work selected for LogoLounge Book 8, the content is exceptional and the judging was extremely competitive.” LogoLounge

Logolounge Trends Report 2013

‘Quotience’ logo featured in the Logolounge Trends Report 2013

“I can say with absolute confidence that the true benefit of studying logo design trends is that they invariably identify trajectories. Once you can see the path a trend starts to take… it’s very possible for you to know where to take it next. You get to steer. You find your own forward direction.” Bill Gardner, LogoLounge Founder


‘I love good design / Spaghetti / Vertopia / Langa’ logos selected for Logolounge7

“This celebratory book, the seventh in the series, once again pays tribute to the brilliant work top designers around the world have created for a diverse clientele. This inspiring collection provides a wealth of insight for graphic designers and their clients. The LogoLounge website showcases the work of the world’s top designers as well as up-and-coming new talent, and this book presents the site’s best designs of the past year as judged by an elite group of name-brand designers.” Logolounge

Click to view all Mrs Smith's logos featured in Logolounge (Books and Trend Reports)
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Graphis / Art of Design / Loeries

Silver Graphis_2008 Cotlands Annual Report/Calendar

“Each year Graphis invites leading professionals across the photography, illustration, and graphic design communities to be considered for inclusion in their annual books in each of these visual art fields. Among the thousands of submissions, the Graphis jury selects the most compelling work of the year in each category. Selected artists are featured in the hardback Annuals and awarded the Graphis Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. The selections typically feature many of the most accomplished people in each field.” Graphis


Merit Award_Antalis Art of Design Awards 2010_2008 Cotlands Annual Report/Calendar

“The Art of Design competition not only rewards graphic designers for originality and design excellence with a particular focus on the creative use of paper, but aims to inspire thinking, big ideas, paper usage and beautiful presentation.” Antalis


Finalist_2009 Loeries Awards_2008 Cotlands Annual Report/Calendar

Category – Communication design: Brand identity & collateral design – Annual reports, brochures & technical literature “The Loerie Awards aim to recognise, reward and foster creative excellence in all areas of brand communication. The awards set a benchmark for the best creative communication from the African and Middle Eastern region, with the core message that Creativity is Business.” www.theloerieawards.co.za

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