East Portlemouth, United Kingdom

Design development and exploration of a new, refined logo and brand identity for Stones Marine Timber – a specialist timber importer/exporter based in the UK that supply’s premium, quality timber for use on finely crafted boats and yachts. Their offering includes the supply of custom-cut clear vertical grain long lengths, as well as the utilisation of the services of experienced sawmills in North America and Europe.


The logo needed to be professional and position the brand as a premium, preferred supplier of timber as well as leveraging on the years of experience and quality product produced by Stones Marine Timber. The logo was inspired by the beauty of the lines of the timber on the deck of the luxury yachts, as well as the waves of the sea and the age lines from a tree.


Deliverables: Logo design | Business card | Visual language | Website design

Project name

Stones Marine Timber brand rejuvenation

Client Name

Stones Marine Timber

Brand Rejuvenation, Featured
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