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Melrose Estate, South Africa

Potentia is a preferred provider of life coaching and personal development programmes and is dedicated to helping people realise their full potential and discover their intrinsic value – their reason and purpose. It is this potential and inner magnificence that Potentia helps nurture, develop, and grow so that one’s future and life are filled with happiness, vision and meaning. Potentia is dedicated to enabling real value and full potential.


The use of the butterfly icon echoes the brand ethos of transformation and change, along with the origami style execution which aims to further personify the idea of transformation and change – one thing becoming another.


Deliverables: Logo design | Stationery | Powerpoint template

Project Name

Potentia brand creation

Client Name

Debbie Osler

Brand Creation, Featured
Design and branding is my passion. I love what I do. So if you are interested in partnering with me, I look forward to the opportunity to make your brand come alive. Click the button to send me an email or call me: 083 442 8561
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