Sandown, South Africa

Kat’s Café is a ‘gourmet to go’ food franchise with a focus on taste and luxury. They offer speciality coffee, luxury baguettes, sandwiches and pastries. Their specially roasted coffee is prepared by trained baristas and it is this passion for quality that makes the Kat’s Café brand successful.


The logo and identity needed to be upmarket and sophisticated as well as conform to an already established colour palette used for the interior design. The logo is simple yet effective with the brand coming alive through the application of the different food inspired spirals.


Deliverables: Logo design | Menu and collateral design | Banners | Website | Advertising | Packaging | Uniforms | Decals | Signage

Project Name

Kat's Café brand creation and roll-out

Client Name

Kat's Café

Brand Creation, Website
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