Fourways, South Africa

I am so blessed to work with amazing clients. Their enthusiasm and joy is something I enjoy sharing every time we embark on a design journey. Jo is a wonderful lady who epitomises youth, energy and a desire to make the world a better place.


She wanted to create a fun, loveable brand that could be translated onto a range of glassware for sale in various stores across Gauteng. In an effort to be kind to our earth, she recognised the value of reducing our carbon footprint by encouraging reusable glass jars and bottles. We envisioned a simple yet impactful brand that would feature on the jars themselves. I created the brand ‘Jars by Jo. Love our earth’ as evidence of Jo’s warm personality.


Deliverables: Logo design | Tag design | Bottle graphics

Project Name

Jars by Jo brand creation

Client Name

Jo Reiback

Brand Creation
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