Mrs Smith | Communication Design
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Project Name

Communication literature design

Client Name


Featured, Print Design

Various brochures, pamphlets, training manuals, books and more

The design and development of annual reports, brochures, pamphlets, training manuals and books takes into consideration many different factors within the design discipline. It is the understanding of typography, layout, and grid structure, colour, open space, imagery and tone of voice that all contribute to the success or failure of a document. I really enjoy the journey in creating documents with a combination of these factors, the arranging of such in a way that enhances and strengthens a client’s message.


Whether it is a training manual that requires a strict hierarchy of information or a brochure that is intended to draw a reader in, the design of communication material is always a wonderful experience.


Deliverables: Brochures | Training manuals | Pamphlets | Company profiles | Adverts | Reports | Books