About This Project

Johannesburg, South Africa

Barclays Africa approached me to assist with the concept development and production of a deskdrop for their IT department, informing them of the internal name change. The idea was to play on the idea of what should normally be a ‘stressful’ change is made easier by reducing stress.


In addition to the deskdrop, I was commissioned to design the look and feel for an app for VIP Services senior management. The UI design needed to follow the Barclays style, whislt being easy to use. As a value-add, each VIP received a card with the various support contact numbers, presented in an informative DL card, all the elements worked together in a professional and well-considered way.

Project name

Technology Services

Client Name

Barclays Africa

Digital, Print Design
app, brochure, card, concept, contacts, ideas, print, production, smartphone, ui design
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