Various brand marks and logos

The logos featured here are some of my latest work. Commissioned by clients themselves or brand agencies, I love creating logos that deliver on strategically relevant thought processes. For as long as I can remember, I have found great joy and satisfaction in creating a logo that personifies a client’s brand. A logo that brings to life the idea and ethos behind the company. A logo is not just a picture or image that a company uses to tell the market who and what they are; it is a statement and ultimately, a promise that a company makes to its clients. The importance of a well thought-out and strategically relevant logo and brand identity is paramount to the success of a company. It’s not just something you quickly whip together and stick onto a website or business card; it is something you think about, you create, breathe life into and ultimately believe in.


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Logo design and brand creation/refresh

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Featured, Logo Design
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